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 We don’t trying to be all things to all people.

But we do pride ourselves on the service we provide in the areas we help our client with.


More than likely you will need help in multiple areas but if one stands out for you more than the others. Then we can start there and work on the others when you're ready.

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Grow your wealth

We offer strategies and educate you on various investment options and help you make the right decision for investing your money. 



Create a retirement plan

We offer a wide range of innovative retirement planning strategies in an ever changing legislative environment to build wealth in a tax effective environment.


Protect your family

We offer a review of your current personal insurance and educate you on various insurance options including Life, Total and Permanent Disablement cover (TPD), Critical Illness (Trauma cover) and Income Protection. We find a suitable provider suitable for your personal situation. 


Growing your super

We offer guidance and education to help you make informed decisions for your superannuation which includes consolidation, setting up the right investments and contributions to boost your retirement funds

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Manage your debt

We offer a range of professionals that help with managing your debt and reducing it where we can by debt recycling strategies


Reduce your tax bill

We offer guidance and advice to help minimise tax where we are able to and work with chartered accountants to identify your tax issues and create plans to reduce the tax where possible.


Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

We offer a complete end-to-end service with SMSFs. From setting up new funds, financing a property purchase, setting up an investment strategy, investing funds in a portfolio appropriate for you and closing them down when they are not appropriate. 

Control your finances

We provide a tech solution to help you manage your personal finances all in one simple app.


Estate Planning

We work with estate planning professionals to ensure your funds are transferred to the right people as per your wishes. 

Group financial education and information

We offer group financial education and information sessions with material to help you understand your finances. This is a passion for our Principal financial Planner, as he likes giving back to the community to help them make better financial decisions for their future. 

Our Team

Lionel O’Mally

Background and interest:
He originates from the back of Bourke and now resides in Sydney. He is a proud father to three children and a loving wife. In his own time he enjoys spending time with his kids and making lasting memories, fishing, playing golf, cooking and looking after his veggie garden.


Experience and Qualifications
He has been a Financial Adviser with various organisations and now the principal adviser and director of Purpose PLanning Norwest, NSW. We specialise in retirement planning helping our clients make more informed financial decisions both pre and during their retirement years.
He holds qualifications and professional affiliations with:

  • Bachelor of Financial Advising from the University of Western Sydney

  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Adviser (Personal Advice) from Mentor Education

  • Margin Lending Adviser (Personal Advice) from Mentor Education

  • Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) from Mentor Education

  • SMSF Specialist Advisor member of the SMSF Association of Australia Limited.

Amanda Paul

Background and interest:
Lives local to the office in Norwest. She loves the outdoors and wide open spaces. When she is not at work you will find her on a walking track taking in the new experiences livi
ng her best life. 

Experience and Qualifications
With a background in financial services, she has been in the role with various companies for the last 15 + years. Lionel and mandy have been working together for at leas five years and now with Purpose Planning where she decide was best to continue hr working career. 


Our services will help you achieve financial freedom and provide peace of mind

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