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Information and knowledge is key to getting ahead in life. Here at Purpose Planning, we aim to be educators first and advisers second so all our clients know what they are doing. 

We help clients from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and want them to learn about their personal finances and get ahead in life.

Below we have provided documents that we provide to clients in our first meeting to help you understand your personal finances. 

Financial Education


Financial Education - Little Book of Wealth Concepts

This is a book our principal financial planner - Lionel O'Mally created to help his clients understand all the areas of there personal finances. In it there are little pieces of information to help you understand concepts of advice and its a tool to help educate our clients on finances if they are not familiar with there finances. 


Financial Services Guide

FSG v3.23.png

Financial Services Guide

This is our compliance document that tells you who were are, who we are licensed by, who our adviser is and what our adviser can give advice in and the services we provide, our range in advice fees and who our affiliations are with and the Privacy policy. 

Investment Philosophy

Invest Phil.png

Our Investment Philosophy

This is our document that provides an overview of our investment philosophy and how to educate clients on the financial market and make investment decisions for our clients. 


Mygov Super Fund Information


Mygov Super Fund Information

Provided here is a sheet that helps you navigate through your MyGov account and find information about your Super details within the ATO. 


Vanguard Index Cart

Vanguard Index Chart FY 23.png

Vanguard Index Cart

Here is a copy of the Vanguard Index Chart FY 2023 that provides information about investments, understanding asset allocation and more importantly diversification. 

Advice Practitioner Certificate


Financial Advice Association Australia - Advice Practitioner

Our Principal Financial Planner - Lionel O'Mally is part of the financial planning industry group and has been recognised as a certified Advice Practitioner. This mean he has satisfied the education, experience and ethics requirements for admittance to the association. This gives our clients confidence you are dealing with a real 'Advice Practitioner'. 

Value of Financial Planning

FP week.png

Value of Financial Planning

Statistics and research used from the Financial Planning Standards Board in Feb 2023 from 1,038 respondents in Australia. Demonstrates a number of areas where 

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